In this age of global economics the farmer is paradoxically too often excluded from significant societal information. Man does not only receive culture from his predecessors but also identifies new elements and renovates from this new insight. Culture is a factor of continual humanization and renovation. Life in a group founds culture and individual enrichment which, inevitably, promotes progress, innovation and renovation in an environment of constant change. AgriCulture and those who work in this field do not live outside the boundaries of this reality, but are, however, COMPLETELY EXCLUDED from the technical and decision making community. The simple farmer, or agriculturist, does have some contact with those who are academically trained but inevitably without evolutionary perspectives, without financial prospects, etc… they unfortunately become victims of the marketing machine. Unregulated competitiveness and macro-social-economic-mechanisms irresponsibly capitalize markets and paralyze sustainable growth essential to the quality of LIFE on this planet. A monetary sequence of values dominates societies’ consciousness rather than a life sequence of values, which has been demoted to the subconscious due to the belief that values promoting a greater quality of life are unessential because they are economically non-viable.
This is not the case with DaMata.org (Producers of Chili from Ilheus).

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