In 1980 the "Triple Bottom Line" concept, by John Ekington, known as PPP, emerged from the cooperative finance sector.

Today, thirty years later, it still seems difficult, and even strange, to try to integrate aspects which are clearly educational and cultural with agricultural, even those related to Environmental Protection. And what about art? Are these ubiquitous realities? There is so much work to do in this area yet so many consider themselves "Experts" in Sustainability. There is so much work to be done until the rhetorical connotations disapate leaving a QUALITY based methodology for the sake of AGRICULTURE.

Sustainable Development was recognized by the United Nations in 1987 by the Brundland Report (1987) as the following:
"A development which tries to satisfy the needs of the present generation without compromising the capacity of future generations in satisfying their own needs, allowing people, today and the future, to achieve a satisfactory level os social and economic development and human and cultural well-being, while utilizing the earth's resources responsibly so as to preserve its species and natural habitats."

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